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Sports Premium


Sports Premium Funding Development Plan

  • The PE curriculum at Ottershaw Christ Church C of E Infant and Junior Schools is good. Using the Youth Sport Trust self-review tool ‘Become Outstanding’ the school is now focused on developing areas which include:

    • Increasing teacher confidence in PE provision through bespoke CPD.
    • Ensuring that the PE curriculum is varied and delivered to a high standard.
    • Investing in additional resources to enable children to be physically active throughout the school day and not just during PE lessons.
    • Teaching children about nutrition, the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet and teaching them how to cook and prepare simple family meals and dishes for themselves.
  • The Sports Premium for September 2018 to August 2019 was £35,510 across both of our schools. We continued to benefit from the Government's decision to double the funding for this grant in September 2018.

  • The Sports Premium for September 2017 to August 2018 was £18,300 at the Junior School and £17,200 at the Infants. This increased amount was due to the government’s decision to double the premium in September 2017.

  • The Sports Premium for September 2016 to August 2017 was £9,350 at the Juniors and £8,795 at the Infants.

  • In the academic year 2018/19 the funding was used to:

    • Promote greater physical activity accross the whole curriculum and included additional physical activity every day.

    • Promote healthy eating and teach children the nutritional value of food and how to prepare some healthy family meals.

    • Provide bespoke CPD to teachers to enable them to develop a clear skills progression in gymnastics for each year group. 

    • Increase the amount of inter-school competition.

    • Increase our curriculum offer at the Juniors for swimming to give older children lessons in self-rescue and survival skills using the deep water facilities at Gordon’s School (previously, we only offered swimming in Years 3 and 4, but our assessment results showed that additional teaching on self-rescue skills would benefit the children at Ottershaw). 

  • The school decided that unspent sports premium (£28,570 on 31st March 2018) would be carried forward and added to this year's allocation to provide outdoor sports equipment in academic year 2018/19.

  • Specific funding had already been utilised for:

    • Membership of the Sports Association.

    • Additional equipment for the school playgrounds.

  • As a result

    • Children run/walk a mile every day in school.

    • Increased physical activity during playtimes.

    • Active Maths themed days.

    • Increased participation in sporting competitions with other local schools and "winning" success - most notably in football, netball, hockey, cross country and athletics.

 Teaching & learning

How do we evaluate pupils’ provision?

  • We plan and deliver a varied PE curriculum following the National Curriculum and National Governing Body guidelines and support this with CPD provided by coaches.

  • After school club provision and attendance is increasing with a broad range of opportunities for pupils. There are now 10 outside sports providers working regularly in school in addition to the 4 sports clubs run by the staff team. This is an increase on the previous year.

  • We are an active member of the local Sports Association and engage regularly in inter-school tournaments, competitions and league matches. 

 What future plans do we have for using the funding?

  • Continue to provide specific “cooking” lessons with a strong focus on nutrition and healthy eating.

  • Continue to provide high quality and sustainable PE and sport provision for all at our schools

  • Continue to provide regular opportunities for children to engage in physical activity across the curriculum and beyond their weekly PE lessons.

  • To work with Active Surrey and the Sports Association to ensure high quality CPD opportunities are provided for all staff.

 What will the impact look like following the funding?

  • Enhanced subject knowledge and greater confidence in teaching will lead to an increase in the number of good/outstanding PE lessons being delivered throughout the schools.

  • An increase in participation in school sports clubs and inter-school competitions.

  • Children are aware of food choices and can describe how to make healthy meals to share with their families.

 How is the funding embedded in pedagogy?

  •  A varied and engaging PE curriculum which assesses pupil progress.

  • Differentiated tasks to allow all pupils to be engaged and challenged.

  • Comprehensive CPD to support and enrich teaching and learning.

  • An enhanced sport programme providing greater learning opportunities.