Sports Premium


Sports Premium Funding Development Plan

  • The PE curriculum at Ottershaw C of E Infant and Junior Schools is good. Using the Youth Sport Trust self-review tool ‘Become Outstanding’ the school is now focused on developing areas which include:

    • Creating a detailed PE development plan with short and long term targets that enable all pupils to progress and achieve
    • Increasing teacher confidence in PE provision through bespoke CPD

    • Ensuring that the PE curriculum is varied and delivered to a high standard.

  • The Sports Premium for September 2015 to August 2016 was £9,255 at the Juniors and £8,436 at the Infants.

  • The Sports Premium for September 2014 to August 2015 was £9,156 at the Juniors and £8,590 at the Infants.

  • In September 2015 the funding was used to employ a Specialist teacher to deliver high quality PE to pupils as well as develop staff CPD across the schools and ensure all children have increased access to inter and intra sports competition. This has facilitated a growth in inter-house sports competitions and also greater participation in local competitions.

  • Sports Coaches extend opportunities for pupils and increase the amount of provision after school.

  • Specific funding has already been utilised for:

    • Membership of the Sports Association

    • Training for Lunchtime Supervisors to lead play and physical activities.

 Teaching & learning

How do we evaluate pupils’ provision?

  • We plan and deliver a varied PE curriculum following the National Curriculum and National Governing Body guidelines and support this with CPD provided by coaches and the specialist PE teacher

  • After school club provision and attendance is increasing with a broad range of opportunities for pupils. There are now 6 outside sports providers working regularly in school in addition to the 3 sports clubs run by the staff team. This is an increase on the previous year.

  • We are an active member of the local Sports Association and engage regularly in inter-school tournaments, competitions and league matches.
  • The school participated in the Surrey "Run to Rio" activity which was led by the specialist sports teacher. All children, at both schools, ran as far as they could in a set time every day. The school won the competition, clocking up an astonishing 22,081 miles.

 What future plans do we have for using the funding?

  • The funding will be used to ensure that the school develops high quality and sustainable PE and sport provision for all at our schools.
  • We are now focusing on increasing opportunities for children to engage in physical activity across the curriculum and beyond their weekly PE lessons.
  • We will be working with Active Surrey and the Sports Association/Confederation to ensure high quality CPD opportunities are provided for all staff.

 What will the impact look like following the funding?

  • Enhanced subject knowledge and greater confidence in teaching will lead to an increase in the number of good/outstanding PE lessons being delivered throughout the schools

  • An increase in participation in school sports clubs and inter-school competitions.

 How is the funding embedded in pedagogy?


  • A varied and engaging PE curriculum which assesses pupil progress

  • Differentiated tasks to allow all pupils to be engaged and challenged

  • Comprehensive CPD to support and enrich teaching and learning

  • An enhanced sport programme providing greater learning opportunities.